There is NO off-season

It's no secret that we love softball. We grew up loving the game and have been fortunate enough to make a living out of giving back through the game of softball. Softball is a game; but here at 5 Star Athletics it is SO much more than a game. We try to teach all of our athletes valuable life lessons through the game that has taught us so much.

GROUP Lessons

Private lessons

Need some one-on-one time? We got you. 

We run camps and clinics around the DMV area. You name it, we do it!


Develop. Elevate. Inspire.

Our bread and butter. Hitting, pitching, or catching in small groups of 4-5 athletes.

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Softball provides an opportunity for female athletes to excel and be proud of their hard work. it is a team sport, but individual skill is important as well. it develops well-rounded athletes to excel in many areas of life. most of all, softball provides a family. here at 5 star athletics, we pride ourselves on the family we have build over the past 20 years. our athletes and their families truly make up 5 star athletics.


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