"There is NO off-season!"

Video analysis form

Video analysis 

what it is

Too far to commit to any of our small groups?  Don't have time to fit lessons into your schedule right now?  Or do you want the luxury of having Jill or Lauren to personally coach you? Look no further! Video analysis is for you. 


  • The athlete can view their OWN motion. 
  • They will always have their own video and see their progression. 
  • They have their specific movement analyzed by an elite coach. 


  • Pick any skill: pitching, hitting, fielding, catching. 
  • Video yourself on Coaches Eye(This is a $5 app that allows for easy delivery back and forth.)
  • Email the video to Jill or Lauren.  
  • They will analyze your movement and send it back with voice overs and annotations.  Jill and Lauren have the knowledge and are able to pick out variations in your motion that could lead to injury or lack of success. 
  • Please allow at least 72 hours for analyzation. ***If we are out of town please understand we will do out best to get it back to you as soon as we can.***
  • Please fill out the form provided to the right if you are interested in our video analysis and would like to ensure a prompt response to your request for video analysis. 


  • $50 per skill per analysis.