Hello 5 Star Athletes!
For the upcoming 2019-2020 season, 5 Star Athletics will be sponsoring a 12U travel team. This team will be made up of highly committed and competitive athletes, looking to develop their softball skills.
The team will be coached by 2 former NCAA Division I coaches and current 5 Star Instructors who are looking to develop youth softball players in order to prepare them for the next level. Coach Taylor, the 2012 America East Rookie of the Year and sits in the UMBC record books for several hitting statistics, is a former Assistant Coach at UMBC. She currently gives hitting, catching, and general skills instruction through 5 Star Athletics. Coach Bec, a 10-year 5 Star staff member (plus 9 years as a camper) is formerly a pitching and outfield coach at La Salle University and Mount St. Mary's University. She also currently provides pitching, hitting, and general skills instruction through 5 Star Athletics.
There will be expectations addressed at the beginning of the season for both players and parents. The level of competition that we will play at will be determined by the talent level, but with an expectation to play at the "A" level. As of now, the plan is to play 2-3 tournaments in the fall, 6-7 in the summer, and potentially supplement some available weekends with scrimmages.
The focus of this team will be skills development. Players can expect to gain valuable experience in multiple positions and many practices will involve cross-training (not just softball skills).
If you plan to attend tryouts, please fill out the link below in order to RSVP. If you cannot attend either tryout date but still do wish to try out, please fill out the same link and leave a comment regarding inability to participate and we will work with you to make other arrangements.
5 Star Athletics 12U Tryout RSVP Link

We hope to see you at tryouts!
Coach Bec and Coach Taylor


We have been overwhelmed with support and interest from so many people. Here are some more detailed for everyone with questions. *Please note this team may not be for everyone and that is OK.*

The new model of travel ball is killing the game. What we mean by “the new model” is this: your daughter plays every weekend, by the end of the summer she has played 100 games in 100 days. For a lot of these girls, they haven’t had much technical skill development. After 100 games of throwing with poor mechanics, or swinging inefficiently, these mechanics become ingrained in them. We would be willing to bet she spends little time playing other sports because she has NO time and she has done little to no recovery work for her body. Fast forward 5 years -500+ games -5,000+ swings -15,000 pitches - she is playing in a showcase tournament. In today’s showcase tournaments, there is little competition. Sometimes the score is not even kept. Sometimes a hitter will hit 3 times in a row just because a college coach wants to see them hit again.
As a staff with over 7 years of NCAA Division I coaching, we have spent much of our time at showcase tournaments. When we see a player with a bad throw- she was off my list. A throw is something you develop at a young age, and by the time you are headed to college, there is no time for your college coach to “fix” it. You are stuck with it. Many people have ideas of what they think a college practice is like, but I truly think you would be shocked to know. Over the past five plus years we have spent much of our time teaching basic baserunning skills, working on different types of throws (flips, slot throws, long hop), hitting different targets when throwing (a cutoff, a tag, a force out), and talking about softball IQ (Does your daughter actually know what it means to hit behind the runner? Does she know what pitch she is hunting in a 3-1 count?)
Games are rarely won and lost by blowout scores and grand slams. They are won and lost on the little things- throwing and receiving, bunting, making the play, knowing where to go with the ball, baserunning, a good tag, a great slide. The amount of players that arrive at the collegiate level and are experts at the skills is slim to none. The amount of players that arrive on campus and have a very high game IQ is slim to none. The amount of players that are ready to truly compete for 7 innings and know how to win is even smaller. This is what travel ball & showcase tournaments has done to our game. And this is why we are following a different model of travel ball. 
So while many of you have reached out to us, concerned about what level of softball we are playing, and the lack of tournaments we will be participating in, we understand why. You don’t know what travel ball used to be like, before kids were committing to college in 6th grade. As a staff who played Division I and Division II softball, coached both Division III and Division I, and has coached our region’s USA Softball All-American team, we know that a college coach will find talent no matter what team they play for.  At 12 years old, it is far more important to build the foundation- both their softball skills foundation and character-building skills.
Our goal is to create a safe space for the girls to build a love and passion for the game. For them to be challenged, but have a good time. For them to build confidence because they know they have put in the work, and that they have the support of their coaches, parents, and teammates. For them to learn the importance of respecting the game and playing the game hard every single time they step on the field.

What level are you looking to compete at?
The highest level possible. It will be dictated by the talent shown at tryouts, but we are open to exploring our options and re-evaluating after the fall if necessary. 
Where will practices be held?
Reservoir High School (Fulton, Md) & potentially Glenelg High School (Glenelg, MD) as well. 
Indoor space?
Reservoir, Glenelg, and Dayton 5 Star Facility.
Travel Outlook?
Regional travel- MD, VA, DE. Possibly looking to qualify for a national tournament outside of the region, but within driving distance.
Practice Schedule
2 weeknights for most of the season. On our off weekends in the fall and spring, we will look to host scrimmages with other teams. If not, we will practice. In the winter, we will look to add in some weekend indoor scrimmages as well. Practice is mandatory- it is not optional, or something to attend when convenient. 

We will host several fundraising opportunities, including a tournament and indoor winter clinics (which will also double as more practice time!). Our goal is to keep the costs down as much as possible.
Participation Fee

While we do not have a firm number on the cost to participate as of now, we will look to keep the cost as low as possible. We are very lucky to be sponsored by 5 Star, and have the ability to keep some costs down by using the 5 Star facility & equipment. We will be very transparent and communicative about the fees, and will provide a more solid number prior to making offers to players. 

There is NO off-season